Friday, 19 July 2013

Hard Measuring Water Riddle

You have two buckets of 11 liter and 6 liter. 

How can you measure exactly 8 liter ?

Dexter Riddle

Dexter Riddle 

Dexter has a Black Honda Accord. One of the tires is a flat tire but still he manages to reach the crime scene without replacing the tire.

How ?

Kagag ka ghoda

Kagag ka ghoda,
Dhage ki lagam,
Dhaga Tut jaye,
To ghoda kare salam
Btao is Paheli ka naam

Aankhe hai, Par Andhi Hu

Aankhe hai, Par Andhi Hu,
Pair hai, Par Langdi hu,
Muh hai, Par Mon hu,
Btao mai kon hu?

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