Thursday, 28 February 2013

NASA astronaut

Did u Know??
The average age of an individual selected as a NASA astronaut candidate has been in the mid-30s.

The maximum height for an astronaut candidate is now 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm);

the minimum height is 4 feet
10.5 inches (149 cm),

though pilots must be at least 5
feet 4 inches (163 cm).

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rebus Word Question

What word is identified by the below rebus ?

Your Your Your Your Your
Your Your Your Your Your

Next Number In Pattern Puzzle

what is next number in pattern below

131 517 192 123 ?

can you till me

Find the next number in this series

Find the next number in this series.

6 14 36 98 ?

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Q1. The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?
Q2. If you drop a yellow hat in the Red Sea what does it become?
Q3. If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don't have it. What is it?
Q4. What has to be broken before it can be used?
Q5. What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks?
Q6. Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly? Show Answe
Q7. What is the question you can ask all day, and no matter what the answers are, they would still be valid questions and correct?

A1. Darkness
A2. Wet
A3. A secret
A4. An Egg
A5. A candle
A6. Incorrectly
A7. What time is it?

Urdu Riddles

Urdu Riddles

Q 1: Raja Rani kaho kahani, aik gharey me do rang pani! Boojo tu jaane?

A: Anda (Egg)

Q 2: Wo kon si cheez hai jis ko agar zameen pe painko to nahi tootti, Lekin agar pani mein painko to toot jati hai.

A: Aks (Reflection)

Q 3: Hik nikka ja sapahe, us ne chik keh wardi lai!!

A: Goli (Bullet)

Q 4: Aik dibbey me battis daney Boujney waley barey seyane.

A: Mou’n (Mouth)

Q 5: Ravan dance club me jata hai. Uski entry fees baki sab se 10 guna jayada thi. Bolo kiyun?

A: Kiyun ki entry fees thi: Per-Head Rs 500/-

Q 6: Wife maike jakar Husband ko roj phone kyon karti hai?

A: Taki Husband ko yad rahe musibat tali nahi, phir aane vali hai!!!

Q 7: Hari thi man bhari thi, no lakh moti se juri thi, miya ji ke bagh me, noh lakh shole auri khari thi!

A: Bhutta (Corn)

Q 8: Pakistan Ka Aìsa City bataen Jis Ko Urdu Mai Likhtay Waqt 15 Nuqtay Dalnay Partay Hain?

A: Pak Patan Sharif

Q 9: Ek aadmi ki 6 ungliaaan thi, Sab log usey Akbar bulate the, Kyo?

A: Kyonki Akbar uska Naam tha.

Q 10: Shadi se pehle dulhan ka baap dulhe ko kya deta hai? Jo shadi k baad wapas leta hai..?

A: Sukh aur Chain.

Tricky Logic Puzzle

I have some blue and red sock in my drawer.
I have total of 4 socks.
I pick 2 socks and chances that i get pair of red socks is 1/2.

What is the chance of picking a pair of blue socks ?

Tricky Logic Puzzle

I have some blue and red sock in my drawer.
I have total of 4 socks.
I pick 2 socks and chances that i get pair of red socks is 1/2.

What is the chance of picking a pair of blue socks ?

Simple Logic Riddle

I have a apple tree , number of apple in this tree get doubles every week.
On 30th week , the tree gets completely filled with apples :-)

Can you tell me , on what week does my tree is half covered with apples ?

Monday, 18 February 2013

What does this rebus puzzle means ?

What does this rebus puzzle means ?

Friends Maths Puzzle

Ross five friends Rachel,Monica Phoebe,Joey and Chandler lives in the same road.

Rachel lives in house A
Monica lives in house B
Phoebe lives in house C
Joey lives in house D
Chandler lives in house E

B * C * D = 1260
B + C + D = 2E
2A = E

The road numbers run from 2 to 222.

Can you tell the house number of each of Ross's friends ?

Solve The Rebus Puzzle

Can you solve the rebus below ?

Maths Percentage Riddle

I guess 76.8% readers will like this riddle.

What's the least number of people should read this post ?

Trick Maths Riddle

I have a role of cloth 1km long.
I have a machine which cuts this role into pieces of 10 meter long cloth.

How long would it take for the machine to cut the roll if each cut took 4 secs ?

Next Number In The Sequence Riddle

Find The Next Number In The Sequence

30 10 15 13 0 16 -15 ?

Picture Math Test

Logical Valentine Day Lucky Problem

Katrina, kareena, Priyanka and Deepika visited me on the valentine's Eve.

The time of each visit is mentioned below:
A) Katrina at 8:00
B) kareena at 9:00
C) Priyanka at 10:00
D) Deepika at 11:00
*Each time mentioned above may be either AM or PM.

Also below statements hold true:
A) Priyanka did not visit me between kareena and Deepika.
B) At least one female visited me between Katrina and kareena.
C) Katrina did not visit me before both Priyanka and Deepika.

Can you tell at what time did they individually visit me ?

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Logical Clock Problem

Time in a digital clock can be palindromic like 12:12 (same when read forwards or backwards).

Whats the minimum interval between 2 times that are palindromic ?

New Rebus Riddle

What text does this rebus means ?


Michael Phelps Maths Problem

Michael Phelps , the famous swimmer can swim downstream in a lake in exact 40 minutes (with the lake current helping time).
He can swim upstream in a lake in exact 60 minutes (against the lake current).
The length of lake is 2 kilometers.

How long Michael Phelps can cover distance of one side at a still lake (no current).

Easiest What Am I Science Riddle

Identify Me ?

Hint1: I am a god
Hint2: I am a planet
Hint3: measurer of heat.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Tinnitus is the ringing sound you sometimes feel in your ears -- It is basically your brain trying to repair itself but failing.


Rhotacism is a speech problem in which a person is unable to pronounce ”R's” and speak "W's" instead.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Short Humor Riddle

What has a ring but no finger ?

Monday, 4 February 2013


The fleshy projection above the bill of a turkey is called a snood.

eye and tongue prints

Every human has a unique eye and tongue print, just like fingerprints

Replace The Question Mark Below With Correct Number

Replace The Question Mark Below With Correct Number ?

2 {38} 3
4 {1524} 5
6 {3548} 7
8 {????} 9

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